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Jo Beale

Painting Ourselves C,FXJ

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 Jo Beale

Charcoal, Pastel, Gouache

44" X 30"

Painting Ourselves (The Other Is Us)

   The work is about painting, I am viewing a subject and then making an image. For me the most challenging and troublesome subjects are people. This work is a way for me to understand being with people, painting to work out concerns about identity and social identity.

    I placed images of people on my canvas, within my most intimate space. Unanticipated complications took place during the painting process. A kind of exchange began to occur between the likeness I was creating and my objective, which was to start with, to simply paint a person. I was startled by the feeling that I wasn’t alone, I even felt that I was not singularly responsible for the results. I felt the subjects were also asking me what I was asking of them.  Lots of questions and misunderstandings remain still. 

   Through my engagement with the exercise I am aware of a new openness and vulnerability in myself.  The exciting thing is that the investigation will go on forever. 


   The title and the signature are made up of two groups of letters with the symbol X between them. 

   The X means- by or times or multiplied or affected or effected.


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