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Cheryl Flemming

Sailors Delight

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Cheryl Flemming

Oil on gallery cradled wood panel

24" X 48" 


From the series “Something in the Air”. 

After spending the day on the boat, we are often treated to incredible sunset displays in the Prospect Bay area of Nova Scotia. 

 When we encounter these moments returning home after a great day on the water, we are usually overjoyed as this indicates a fine day tomorrow.  

 Red sky at night …Sailor’s Delight 

 In addition, our area is one with a palette of muted greys, mauves, blues and greens in summer. So to be treated to a sky show of intense reds, oranges, yellows and pinks, is a special occasion. The contrast in palette couldn’t be more extreme.  

This painting is therefore painted to express all the vibrant colours of a sunset in a coastal atmosphere here in Atlantic Canada. Even our normal muted mauves, blues, greens etc become more vibrant. It is such a grand gesture of a promise of another fine day tomorrow. 


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